Words cannot express how happy I am with the final results. Somehow, you managed to take a really small space and turned it into a spacious bathroom. Everyone warned me that renovations can be quite painfull but this was as pain free as pain free could get; and it’s all thanks to you.
Peter Com
I can’t tell you how many compliments we get on this reno. We use the basement constantly. I have even set up my home office down here. It doesn’t feel like a basement at all. It is wonderful and has been such a good investment to be able to stay in this neighbourhood.
Micle clauk
First, I would like to state that I am positively thrilled with the bathroom and spare bedroom. They single-handedly bring the entire house up several notches. The transformation is remarkable, and you did some fantastic work. You can see the attention to detail he has, as well as the effort he put into his work. I am very grateful for all he did, and that goes to the whole team.
J Crigger
I feel the company proceeded as scheduled, changes during the course of the project were addressed and completed within the allotted time and with the end result being very successful. I feel we received very good workmanship and a quality renovation and would recommend the company to family and friends. I am pleased with the project, which the work was completed.
CJ Watson
The renos are done and the house is pleasantly warm. The new trim looks fantastic as well. Many thanks to you and your team for all the hard work. As before, I impressed with quality and dedication.
Harry Paul
It was a pleasure for us to deal with you & you were always very good at explaining things. So, on behalf of our family thanks again for helping us finish our extra space – the kids love it!
William celena